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AIM: The main aim of J-CBR is to attract the best research in animal and human biology in health and diseases from across the spectrum of the biomedical and environmental sciences and all related aspects of the life sciences at the molecular, cellular, organ, and whole animal.

SCOPE: It is essential reading for all scientists interested in biochemistry, cancer, microbiology, nutrition, physiology, modelling, genetics, behavior, immunology, epidemiology, economics, sociology, food science and technology, human health, environmental impact on health.

2019, Vol: 1, Issue: 3


    Original Research

  • Influence of Moringa oleifera, Flaxseed oil and Lipitor drug on hyperlipidemia male Albino Rats.
    Somaia Z Abdelhalim, Mona M Hegazi, Mohamed M Elbagoury,
    JCBR. 2019; 1(3): 13-23
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  • Possible protective effect of Spirulina platensis on cyclophophamide induced toxicity in experimental mice
    Mostafa M. El-Sheekh, Atef M. Abo-Shady, Mohamed Labib Salem and Rana Medhat
    JCBR. 2019; 1(3): 1-12
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  • Mini Review

  • The therapeutic efficacy for targeting the PI3K signaling pathway for fighting breast, prostate and multiple myeloma cancer cells
    Badr Mohamed Badr, Gamal Badr
    JCBR. 2019; 1(2): 37-43
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  • Original Research

    YOUSRY E. Elbolkiny ,
    JCBR. 2019; 1(2): 26-36
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  • Metabolic changes in naÔve and activated T-cell from naive mice
    Mohammed Labib Salem, Tarek Mostafa Mohammed, Mona Mohammed Hegazi, Asmaa Abd Elsamad Eltaramsy,
    JCBR. 2018; 1(2): 19-25
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  • Administration of olive oil optimizes the acetic acid induced colitis in CD1 mice
    Mohamed Labib Salem, Ehab Moustafa Tousson, Soha Gomaa Ramadan, Dina Abd El-Aziz Ali
    JCBR. 2018; 1(2): 11-18
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  • Apoptotic effects of the medicinal plants Achillea santolina and Raphanus sativus extracts on different cancer cell lines
    Mohamed Labib Salem, Reda Mohamed Gafaar, Reham Nagy Mohasseb, Mohamed Ali Abd-Elbaseer
    JCBR. 2018; 1(2): 1-10
    » Abstract » PDF» doi: 104-1503657340

  • Relationship between locus of control belief and IL-6 in breast cancer patients
    Azza EL-Amir, Mohamed Labib Salem, Noha Sabry, Eman Maher EL-Baiomy, Nehal EL-Mashad
    JCBR. 2018; 1(1): 45-48
    » Abstract » PDF» doi: 104-1498960777

  • Analysis of Micro RNA 29, 122 and 155 Gene Expression in Immune Cells of Egyptian Patients with Chronic Hepatitis C Virus Infection
    mohamed labib salem, abed el aziz awad zidan, hasan el sayed al batei, hossam youssef hamada
    JCBR. 2018; 1(1): 37-44
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  • In vitro anti-tumor effects of hemocyanin isolated from Atergatis roseus and Eriphia verrucosa crabs
    Wesam Mohamed Salama, Mahy Mohamed Mona,
    JCBR. 2018; 1(1): 28-36
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  • Phytochemical analysis and anticancer screening of some endogenous plants wildly grown in Saudi Arabia
    Sabry Ali El-nagger,
    JCBR. 2018; 1(1): 19-27
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  • Ex vivo generation and maturation of dendritic cells from peripheral blood mononuclear cells of patients with chronic HCV or hepatocellular carcinoma using Toll-like receptor 3 ligand poly(I:C)
    Mohamed L. Salem, Soha Gomaa, Mohamed Nassef, Sabry A. El-Naggar, Abdel-Aziz A. Zidan, Essam M. Ibrahim, Hassan El-Bate, Abdel-Rahman N. Zekri, Hala A. Abdelhady.
    JCBR. 2018; 1(1): 11-18
    » Abstract » PDF» doi: 104-1505080675

  • Review Article

  • Proteomics applications in biomedical research and diagnosis by luminex in Egypt
    Sabry Aly El-naggar,
    JCBR. 2018; 1(1): 2-10
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  • Letter to the Editor

  • Trans Disciplinary Biomedical Research
    Mohamed L Salem,
    JCBR. 2018; 1(1): 1-1
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  • Original Research (Original Article)

  • Assessment of antioxidant, antimicrobial and anticancer activities of carotenoid extracted from Erugosquilla massavensis and Procambarus clarkii exoskeletons.
    Gihan M Elkhodary, Noha M Samak, Doha M Beltagy, Karolin K Abdul- aziz, Mohamed H Mona,
    JCBR. 2017; 1(1): 49-58
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  • Review Article

  • Assessing mothersí antibiotics information by comparing Internet and healthcare professionals as sources of information
    Huda Kutrani, Antisar Ali Atiyah, Hend Mohamed Adam, Haloom Abdel Salam Elhashmi,
    JCBR. 219; 1(3): 24-30
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